USB cable for GPS to WFT-E4
© Børre Ludvigsen, 2010

The Newnex UH2AR4TMBR1-04 special 4" USB A to Mini B cable with angled connectors 90° axially rotated, solves the problem of the very unelegant USB interface between the Canon WFT-E4 and a GPS tracking unit.

Pictures 1-3 show a reasonably short standard USB A to Mini B cable. The straight plugs are very exposed and the length of the cable requires som very inconvenient coiling.

Pictures 4-5 show an articulated USB A to Mini B adapter which is very stiff and also exposed, creating the potential for damage to the USB sockets.

The remaining pictures show the special Newnex UH2AR4TMBR1-04 USB A to Mini B cable with angled plugs, presenting a reasonably flexible and secure connection.

The GPS tracker is secured to the camera interface covers with self-adhesive velcro pads. The aluminium tape in the USB socket housing on the WFT-E4 covers the hinge receptacle for the removed rubber cover.

Newnex Custom Cable DesignDrawing of Newnex UH2AR4TMBR1-04 cable

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