Minox reel

Minox reel

Making an adapter for a 35mm steel development tank reel to take Minox 8x11 film:

  1. Cut a strip of correct height from a plastic bottle to make a film carrier.
  2. Sand down the cut edges to fit into the outermost spiral grooves of the steel reel.
  3. Carefully sand the overlapping edge with fine sandpaper and finish with a touch of blue flame to prevent scratching the film.
  4. Tape a test film into a spiral track and mark its position on the plastic carrier.
  5. Insert the film carrier into the reel for the next step.
  6. Glue heavy gauge fishing line along the marks to provide a guiding ridge for mounting the film. The line is broken at the overlap. Heat the line ends (before gluing) to prevent scratching as the film is mounted.

Mounting the film (in a changing bag or darkroom):

  1. The film must be mounted emulsion side out.
  2. Fold one end of the film to hook on to the edge of the carrier overlap.
  3. Wind the film between the guides and tape the loose end with a piece of narrow tape so as not to cover the emulsion of the adjacent wind.

(The film in the picture is not a full 36-exposure length.)

This adapter should also work in plastic development tanks.

Unless you have a completely water tight tank and use constant rolling agitation, use a full tank of developer.

Plastics are flammible. Be careful when heating!

- Børre Ludvigsen - <b@hiof.no>

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