Scanner comparisons: Epson 4990 - Microtek ArtixScan 120TF

© Børre Ludvigsen, 2009

Leica CL CV 40/1.4 400TX 2640x1760 (reduced from 5644x3642). Scanned with Microtek ArtixScan 120TF in glass holder at 4000DPI.

Sigma DP2 Full size 2640x1704, ISO 100. Converted to B/W in LightRoom.

The following are various magnifications of three scans of the same negative as in the top left image. Left: Epson 4990 with OEM negative holder. Middle: Epson 4990 with negative mounted emulsion down on 7mm glass with 1.2mm anti-newton ring glass over. Right: MicroTek ArtixScan 120TF with OEM glass holder. All scanned at 4000DPI with VueScan.






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