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127mm finder frame reverse

127mm finder frame front

Pine I

Firs I

Pine II

Firs II
Scan of 127mm finder frame for Mamiya Universal 6x9 Efke 100 developed in Rodinal 1:50, all with (75/5.6).

Buer I

Buer II

Buer III

Buer IV

Idd Kirke

Stumberg gård
All 6x9 Plus-X developed in HC-110 1:63. Buer II scanned in Microtek Artixscan 120tf, the rest in Epson 4990. 1-3 (75/5.6), 3-6 (250/5).

Banyan tree at AUB




Van Dyke Hall at AUB

Trees at Granbakken

1 to 5 above are Polaroid image transfers on Type 125i film (100/3.5), 6 on Type 669 (127/4.7). All scanned on Epson 4990.

Image to the left is of the same trees as in 6 above on T-55 P/N (127/4.7) scanned on Epson 4990.

Some 4x5 T-55 P/N tests from Mamiya Universal here.

Some 3.24"x4.25" T-665 P/N tests from Mamiya Universal here.

A couple of Super 23 pictures.

Comparison of 50/6.3 and 75/5.6 Mamiya Secor lenses.

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