wtrclst (1)

A common problem sometimes addressed with graphic instructions of various kinds.

An alternative method for nerds:

WTRCLST(1)                       User Manuals                       WTRCLST(1)

       wtrclst - water closet

       wtrclst [-option] [-c config-file ] visit ...

       wtrclst  initiates  a receptacle to receive human effluents from stdout
       upon a visit to an appropriate enclosure containing a water closet

       -b     Do not write `busy' to stdout while processing.

       -c config-file
              Use the alternate system wide config-file instead  of  /etc/wtr-
              clst.conf.  This overrides any WATERCLOSET environment variable.

       -a     adult size wc (default)

       -i     children size wc

       -f     sitting

       -m     standing (equivelant to -u)

       -u     seat in up position

       -d     seat down (equivelant to -f)

       -l     lid up (default)

       -1     flush before use

       -2     auto-flush (some Japanese models)

       -3     flush after use (default)

       -w     western wc (default)

       -o     oriental wc

       -h     hollandese wc (must be used with -f)

       -z     slow user (equivelant to -amlu). wc does not flush  before  user
              has buttoned his fly.

       -r     Recursive   mode.   For  male  users  successfully  operated for
              prostate complaints.

              The system wide configuration file. See wtrclst(5)  for  further
              Per user configuration file. See wtrclst(5) for further details.

              If non-null the full pathname for an alternate system wide  wtr-
              clst.conf.  Overridden by the -c option.

       The following diagnostics may be issued on stderr:

       Bad magic number.
              The input does not look like a natural effluent.
       Old style baz segments.
              wtrclst  can  only handle urine and feces. Java object libraries
              are not supported in this version.
       Next roll not initiated
              Out of toilet paper. Reload the holder.
       Watch your feet
              You are urinating on the floor.
       Bad aim
              You are fumbling with your tool and hitting the rim or seat.
       Old age
              Both of the above
              Leave the door open for better ventilation.
       Core dumped
              Call the cleaning staff.

       The command name should have been chosen more carefully to reflect  its

       B/orre Ludvigsen <b at hiof no>

       wtr(1), phew(1), wind(1) wtrclst(5),

Unix                              AUGUST 2014                       WTRCLST(1)

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