The department was multimedia center for UNINETT from 1993 until 2010, supporting users adopting video communications, developing streaming video applications and maintaining radio and TV high bandwidth streams.
The results of those projects are now canned at but can also be seen at
Video-archiving for the Norwegian Parliament
Stortinget on-Demand (Stortinget når det passer) is a system to record, store and split meeting-recordings according to their minutes so that an end-user may view the speach of a specific speaker.
The project was the precursor to the present video streaming and archiving system linked here.
Remmen is a Video over IP (VioIP) system, designed to replace all internal TV systems and cabling with TV over IP at the Remmen, Halden campus of Østfold University College. The system will allow Video on Demand, recordings on demand and live TV streams. (AB)
Tista is a Python-based on-demand and realtime streaming server. It supports radio-on-demand and realtime streaming (using the Icecast2 streaming protocol). The on-demand functionality offers easy to use MP3 time-based index searching.
Pycast is a streaming backend application developed in Python. (AV)
Reasearch assitants and developers on the multimedia project were Audun Vaaler, Andreas Bergstrøm, Thomas Malt, Halvor Kise, Jon Løvstad and Kjell Are Refsvik.

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