Klaus Sasse's Minox

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         These are three examples of the pictures Klaus Sasse took as
         prisoner of war in Jelaguba and other prison camps from 1945
         to 1949.

         Klaus Sasse, "Bilder aus russischer Kriegsgefangenschaft
         Erinnerungen und Fotos aus Jelaguba und anderen sowjetischen
         Lagern 1945-1949" in the series Rückblick, Autobiographische
         Materialen from the Osnabrück Museum of Cultural History
         2nd edition, published by Waxmann, 2007, Münster
         9  Convenience stop on the way from Königsberg (now Kaliningrad)
            to Kasan 1945
         30 Prisoners pulling logs at the Kosyltau forest camp near
            Jelabuga in the fall of 1945 where they were sent to cut
            firewood for the town.
         79 Clearing snow off the roof a prisoners barrack in the
            Selenodolsk camp in March 1947.

         A book well worth reading both for general interest and Minox

         - Børre Ludvigsen, 20081204

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