Pictures from a visit to Riga

© Børre Ludvigsen 2007

[Map of Old Riga]


To Latvia. We flew from Oslo Gardermoen to Riga International on Air Baltic 0152 on May 7, 2007

Old Riga

Tho old city center inside the moats has been extensively renovated and restored since independence from the Soviet Union.

Riga Market

Centraltirgus. Four old zeppelin hangars on the south side of the old town have been converted to an enormous indoor market.

Riga Synagogue

The Riga Jewish Religious Community Synagogue

Jugend Riga

Pictures from the Art Nouveau area of Riga just north of the old town center.

The other Riga



We left Riga with Air Baltic 153 for Oslo on May 10. Back to Norway.

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